Who are we?

Whether you are a hearing aid dispenser considering membership in the Colorado Hearing Aid Society or a consumer inquiring about the Colorado Hearing Aid Society, the answer can best be found in the Hearing Society's bylaws stating its purpose as follows:

*To promote the welfare, insofar as hearing is concerned, of individuals with hearing loss. 

*To promote and advance the programs of this Society and coordinate them with the programs of similar organizations.

*To provide a unified voice for those engaged in the practice of testing human hearing and selecting, fitting, counseling, and dispensing hearing instruments.

*To seek and maintain communication and cooperation with other professions involved in hearing health care.

*To improve the methods of marketing, selecting, fitting, counseling, dispensing, and using hearing instruments and to improve the effectiveness of such instruments.

*To establish standards of education and techniques in aural rehabilitation by means of amplification.

*To examine and pass upon the qualifications of all persons who wish to have their competency in the field of fitting hearing instruments accredited by the International Hearing Society.

*To sponsor and enforce among its members a code of ethical practices.

*To promote and encourage an effective program of public education as to the benefits of the use of amplification.